Places to Take Your Ford in West Valley City

As much fun as taking a long trip in your new Ford F150 would be, sometimes you just can’t get out of town. Maybe you’ve got a new baby about to show up, or maybe you’re a suspect in a crime. Whatever the reason, you can’t leave. So what can you do in West Valley City, Utah while still taking advantage of your Ford?

Drive-In Theater

West Valley City has one of the few open drive in movie theaters in Utah. If you have an F150 then you automatically have the best seat in the house. All you need to do is throw a mattress in the back, or some lawn chairs, even a couch, and you’re good to go. The theater shows the latest blockbuster movies, which makes for the best move night ever.

Swap Meet

During the day on Saturdays the drive-in becomes home to the West Valley Swap Meet, a great place to get a deal on a massive amount of things you never knew you needed. It’s a good thing you have the Ford F150 since you can pick up massive area rugs or high end electronics in quantities that will make you appreciate having a truck bed on hand. Plus if you have stuff to sell, you can load up the truck and get rid of it with some nice change in your pocket.

Maverick Center

The Maverick Center is an incredible entertainment venue featuring sporting events and musical performances. What does this have to do your F150? One word: Tailgating. You’ve even got a tailgate, if it isn’t perfect enough. You throw a grill in your truck and take it over to a concert or hockey game and you’ve got yourself a party. Utah’s got plenty of places to tailgate, but the Maverick center is nearby and has some of the best entertainment anyway.

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