Oh So Spacious: Explorer & Six Grown Adults

Remember that last time you and 5-7 of your grown-up friends all tried to fit in one car and go have fun? And remember how you lost three games of best-of-seven rock paper scissors, which landed you an awesome spot in the third row? And remember how your knees were touching your chest the whole time, how you couldn’t breathe and your legs went numb? Yep, I bet that was a blast.

Well, third row haters, hate no more. On my drive in the Ford Explorer, we had the opportunity to pile five of my coworkers in to go run some errands around the neighborhood, making a point to put the bigger guys in the back seat, and the results were pleasing. Our third row riders were comfortably swaddled in the Explorer’s leather interior, and here’s why:

The Ford engineers did something I find quite intelligent, they took out the middle seat, leaving just two seats on the third row. While doing so limits your passenger capacity, I would suggest that two human-sized rear seats are far better than three garden-gnome-sized seats, fit only for small children and overpriced toy dolls. Ford makes the back seat even more inviting by offering legitimate headrests. The leg room is sufficient.  Seriously, human beings actually fit back there.

And to top it off, Ford considered the fact that you don’t always use your third row. In fact, you almost never use it. So Ford makes the rear seats very easily, and automatically, foldable and hideable to make all of the rear space available. My Explorer featured electronic switches for folding and unfolding just about everything.

So there it is: usable seats when you need them, and lots of rear space when you don’t. Of course, if you’re the person everybody comes to when they need to move, you certainly don’t have to tell your friends about all that available space. We won’t tell anybody, I promise.

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