New Aluminum Ford Survives Torture-Tests

When it comes to creating a car that customers want, the Ford Motor Company has always proven to go above and beyond. And the introduction of the 2015 F150 has been no exception. With its switch from the traditional use of steel to aluminum in this newest model, customers are excited for the amazing improvements the new makeup is bringing.

The decision to switch to aluminum was a tough one. But with other companies making similar changes in their vehicles and seeing success, Ford saw the amazing ways it could benefit F150 drivers as well. The switch has resulted in an improvement in fuel economy, corrosion resistance as well as durability. With amazing improvements like this, the Motor Company saw no reason why the change shouldn’t be made.

There have been various individuals that were initially not sure about the change to aluminum. Many consider steel to be a much tougher and more durable metal, and when it comes to the F150, this is what customers are looking for. Through several torture-tests done by Ford, consumers from Utah to New York can see that the heavy-duty, military-grade aluminum used in the F150 will stand the test of time and toughness.

Here at Henry Day Ford in Utah, we are excited for the introduction of this new F150 model at our dealer. We know that with the company’s track record for success, the pickup is sure to not disappoint.

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