Must-Knows About the Ford Sync 3


No Ford is complete without Sync 3 technology. This new innovative system allows any driver to voice activate making a call, listening to music, selecting apps and much more. Whether driving the crowded freeways of Utah or an even busier street in an East Coast city, Sync 3 will make any drive a safer drive.

Making phone calls is easy with the Sync 3 as all it takes is the push of a button on the steering wheel and the sound of your voice to activate it. The phone conversation can be heard through the vehicle’s speakers. Not only this, but the Ford will automatically download the names and numbers already programmed into your phone. 

Sync 3 takes it to the next level by making every music-listening experience an easy one. All that is required to connect a phone to the car is to say “bluetooth audio” and all of the music on your phone will be available. Change songs merely by saying “play” followed by the artist and name of the song.

After leaving the dealers in an unfamiliar area, Sync 3 uses a responsive navigation system to direct every driver safely to their destination. In addition to that, you can also use your voice to control the climate of the car, making for a comfortable trip across Utah or anywhere else.

These are only a few features included with the Sync 3 package. Make sure to talk to your local Ford dealers about adding the Sync 3 into your next car purchase. Not only will it enhance the driving experience, but it will make for a safer one as well.

*Image Credit: Carnectiv

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