Manliest Car in the World


Back in 2011 the Ford Mustang was voted the manliest car in the world according to a survey done by England’s shaving company ‘Blue-beard’s Revenge’.  Just short of the Ford Mustang was the Aston Martin DB7 and other American muscle cars such as the Dodge Viper.  Some of the least manly cars were the VW beetle, the Toyota Prius and SmartCars.

Initially, it might seem surprising that the American Ford Mustang was voted the manliest car by England, but then when you think about it, how could they not pick the Mustang?

Utahns might disagree with this however, as the Ford F-150 is the most popular car in Utah, and is often listed as one of the manliest vehicles. The new Ford Fusion might also be considered one of the manliest cars now that the style changes are a lot sleeker. On top of that it was a Ford Fusion that drove to victory in NASCAR.

With the Ford Mustang, the Ford F-150 and even the new Fusion, Ford has no shortage of manly cars.  So, if manly is what you’re looking for, Ford can hook you up.

Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.

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