Making the Most of Your New 2015 Ford F-150


From the dusty roads of Circleville, Utah to the busy streets of New York City, most Americans think that owning a pickup is only for the rugged. It’s almost as if you have to work in the blue-collar sector or out on some remote farm to feel qualified for Ford F150 ownership. We know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With Ford’s 2015 version of the popular truck readily available for purchase all across the country, it’s important to understand the following: the Ford F150 is for everyone. Making the most of it, however, differs from motorist to motorist.

Take the new and improved aluminum body, for example. She’s helped the F150s newest model shed over 700 pounds in weight. Speaking of the exciting innovation, reports Karl Brauer of, “This means less energy is needed to haul the truck, allowing more energy to be dedicated to max payload (3,180 pounds) and towing (12,200 pounds).” For you, the proud owner of a Ford pickup, this means more vehicular enjoyment in Utah or elsewhere and less time for automotive stress.

Additionally, a series of revamped EcoBoost engines, enhanced electronic display and better LED lighting systems make this truck one worth enjoying with both family and friends on a daily basis. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, get out and enjoy your F150.

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