Life with the C-Max



AF28E65C-2C84-4AAC-BDD7-346E724B5E0BI’ve never been a fan of hybrid cars. Anyone who knows me or has ever visited my Facebook page knows  they are not my cup of tea, but when the guys at Henry Day Ford asked me what car I’d like to try out next I decided I should see what everyone’s been raving about, so I chose the C-Max.

When I picked up the car the gas tank was nearly empty so I filled it up with exactly 3 gallons of fuel. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get exactly 3 gallons?! First I was only going to put in 2, but then I went a little over, so I tried 2.5 and went a little over again, and finally got it spot on with exactly 3 gallons.  I decided to see just how far the car would go with 3 gallons of fuel, and it didn’t take me very long to see it was going to last  quite some time.

Before refueling I used 2.59 gallons (so much for the hard work on getting exactly 3 gallons….) and it took me 115.6 miles, of which 48.9 miles where with the car in EV mode. The EV (electric vehicle) mode is where the car is running on electricity that’s stored in its battery while the vehicle is coasting and braking. This gave me a total MPG of 44.5, which is unbelievable!


Well that was last night.  Since then I’ve come back to work and achieved 48.2 mpg over a distance of 26 miles. Thats higher than the 47 city 47 highway Ford claim.


If you are looking for a car with great gas milage then you can’t fault the C-Max. Now I can’t wait to see what the Fusion hybrid is like.

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