Ken Block takes Nick Swardson for a wild ride


When you think of going for a ride in a Ford Fiesta, you probably don’t think it’d scare you. Well, the famous and hilarious comic, Nick Swardson, thought it would, as he prepared for a ride along with Utah resident and X Games rally car driver Ken Block. Swardson’s apprehension towards the Ford Fiesta ride ahead is easy to see in the recently posted YouTube video on GoPro’s channel where he said he was expecting to slowly urinate himself.

Our Utah boy, Mr. Block, didn’t let him down as he kept Swardson screaming and cursing throughout the wild ride in the Ford Fiesta. With lots of quick acceleration, tight turns and dizzying repetitive loops, Block had Swardson holding on tight and squealing louder than the Ford Fiesta’s tires.

Who better to take Swardson for a spin around the track than the Utah resident who invented the event in Los Angeles. A new event in rally car racing that requires precision driving, braking and accelerating made popular by Ken Block’s YouTube videos, the Gymkhana race made its X Games debut earlier this month and Nick Swardson proved that it is an event not intended for those who are faint of heart.

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