Hybrid vs. Electric

Hybrid or electric: It’s a tough question, particularly if you have no idea the difference. Fortunately, Utah’s Henry Day Ford offers both.  So as soon as you research the pros and cons of each, you can drive down to your local Utah Ford dealership to test drive the hybrid and electric models of the Ford C-Max, Ford Fusion, or Ford Focus.

A car should be able to do three things: Drive at least 300 miles before refueling, be refueled quickly and easily, and keep up with the other traffic on the road. Standard gasoline automobiles are capable of all of these things, but they typically get lower gas mileage than an electric or hybrid car.

The Ford C-Max is the latest hybrid model from Ford. Its 45/40MPG is not the only selling point, but it is reason enough to at least look at the car. The C-Max was built with the intention of replacing the Prius as the go to family hybrid and it does just that as a wagon with substantial leg/headroom, comfortable seating, and a proficient and rewarding drive.  What are you waiting for? Schedule a test drive with your Utah Ford dealer immediately.



Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.

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