Hybrid, Electric or Diesel?

You only have to make one decision, what type of car do you want? This one decision is suddenly filled with so many minor details—the size, brand, color and type of car are just a few aspects that come to mind. If you’re looking to help the environment and improve your MPG, there are many hybrid, diesels and electric cars to choose from today. They all work differently, and benefit the environment in their own unique ways.


A hybrid car is a car that runs on both gas and electric power. Many hybrids recharge as you drive them, but you can also use a battery plug-in when you are off the road. If you are driving a hybrid Ford Fusion in West Valley City, Utah, your vehicle may be equipped with stop-start technology. This means the gas engine turns off when the vehicle is at a complete stop.

There are many different types of hybrid vehicles to choose from. A full hybrid is the most fuel-efficient. A mild hybrid will still get you good gas mileage. They run partially on gas. A plug-in hybrid runs in all-electric mode, meaning you have to plug in the car between trips.


An electric car is environmentally friendly. Hybrid cars run on both gas power and electricity, but electric cars run solely on clean energy. In between driving, you plug your car in to charge the battery. The positive thing about buying an electric car is that you save money on gas.

It’s rather low maintenance, and you aren’t pumping pollution into the air—which helps all of us. While this all sounds good, keep in mind electric cars, such as a Ford Focus, you have a limited range (between 50 and 100 miles).


 Diesel powered engines run better than gas powered vehicles. Hybrid and electric cars may run slightly more efficiently than diesel cars, but diesel cars still place above gas vehicles. Diesel engines have a better fuel efficiency by at least 25 percent, which is a definite win.

Come to your nearest Ford Dealership to check out a hybrid Ford Fusion or an electric Ford Focus. There are many options, and here at Henry Day Ford we want to help you choose the best one for your lifestyle.




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