How SUVs Have Taken Over Minivans

The minivan was all the rage in the 90’s, it was convenient, decently priced and very practical. But what happened to it? The SUV was invented; it has just as much space, it’s similarly priced and it is much more practical. Not only that, but many young families wanted to stray away from the soccer mom stigma.

One of the leaders of the pack was the Ford Explorer. Not only does it have enough room to fit the whole family, but it can take them on an adventure too.

More Capability

One of the biggest differentiators is that SUVs have a higher stance. The Ford Explorer has a ground clearance of eight point three inches, whereas the average minivan only has six inches of clearance. As families have become more outdoor oriented over the years, this has become a big selling point for them. The higher ground clearance allows for better off-road capabilities and safer driving in rough terrain.

For families that live in areas such as West Valley City, Utah and see heavy snowfall during the winter, having four-wheel drive capabilities is a must. This is something that the Ford Explorer and many other SUVs come equipped with, giving them much better handling capabilities than minivans. Having these additional capabilities is not just something to brag about, they’re a real safety concern. Having all four wheels actively engaged in the snow provides much more traction and ensures a safer ride for your family.

Bad Stigma

Now that the important things have been talked about, it’s time to address more superficial concerns—the SUV often looks more appealing to the young family. The minivan has gotten a bad stigma of being associated with settling into adulthood and becoming boring, something that many modern families don’t want to be branded with.

Regardless of your personal choice between SUV or minivan, we here at Henry Day Ford we’ll find the perfect vehicle for you.


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