Henry Ford’s Famous Friends

Americans may all know Henry Ford as on of the foremost industrialists, as he was the father of the assembly line mode of production, which changed the way the world operated from dealer to dealer. We also all associate him with Ford Motor Company, one of the most successful motor companies of all time. Born on July 30, 1863, in Michigan, Ford was unsatisfied with farm work and left home at the age of 16 with much bigger dreams for himself than a simple farmer.

Of course, we know where Ford’s dreams and ambitions led him, straight to the car dealer business. Henry Ford is one of those names that almost all Americans immediately recognize. There is most likely a Ford Dealer near you, no matter where you are in America, from Utah all the way to the east coast. However, you may be surprised to know about some of Ford’s friends along the way. Henry Ford was more like us than one would have expected. If you live in a place like Utah, you have most likely been camping with your friends. Well, Ford did the same thing…with some truly famous company along his side.

The nature writer, John Burroughs published photographs of a 12-day camping trip he took in 1918 at the age of 81. His friends that joined him were the 71-year-old Thomas Edison, along with their younger friends, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. The foursome actually made excursions of this kind from 1915 through 1924. They foursome called themselves the “vagabonds,” and traveled through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia, failing to make a stop in Utah on the way.

Interesting how these extremely influential Americans still found the time to get out and enjoy nature and fellowship. You never know, if you and your buddies go camping together, perhaps one day, people will look back and talk about your accomplishments.

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