Gas prices are up, what are you gonna do?


Gas prices in Utah are reaching a record high.  It seems like an eternity ago when prices were less than $1 per gallon, the good ol’ days as many would call them.  The oil companies are not going to give in, and the government is slow to take action on the matter, so it is time for you, the customer, to take matters into your own hands.  No, you don’t need to set fire to an oil field or sit-in at the white house for weeks at a time, but what you can do is invest in a car that adapts to this unfortunate trend.  That is why Ford recently produced the Ford Focus Electric, it’s first all-electric vehicle, to help combat the dominion of big oil companies.


The Ford Focus Electric works like a smartphone with wheels.  It is designed to get get you as far as possible using the lowest amount of energy.  The EcoRoute feature allows you to do just that by mapping out the shortest possible route to your destination in Utah, allowing you to drive further on one charge.  On your way, you will be able to pass by every gas station you used to visit, laughing in your mind at the poor people that still have to frequently visit those dreadful places.  And at the end of your trip, you can come home, plug in your car, and have a full “tank” the next day.


Plugging it in is not the only way to charge the car.  The brakes actually help compensate for the loss of electricity by recharging the battery while on the go.  The friction created by the brakes help restore up to 90% of the energy that is normally lost, allowing you to travel even further.  The Ford Focus Electric is the perfect commuter car, reaching an average of 76 miles on one charge.


You may notice that the body style looks a bit different than then regular Focus models in Utah.  That is because the electric model deserves its own styling to send a message to other drivers that electric is the way to go.  It is one of the quietest rides on the market, and has special MyFord Touch access to several unique multimedia features connected to your smartphone.


Ford is here to help.  Gas prices are not going down any time soon, so it is time to act.  Consider  looking into getting an electric car to eliminate your gasoline woes.  After all, you will only pay about $15 a month to charge it up.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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