Fuel Economy is the New Black

So it’s official. After our economy took its biggest hit in half a century, with international relations consistently inconsistent and serious instability among oil-rich countries, all causing gas prices to skyrocket, Americans officially care about fuel economy. Like a lot. To the point that we’re now taxing gas guzzlers and rewarding hybrid-goers with access to the treasured HOV lane. And then there’s the fact that we even have an HOV lane.

Well, America has demonstrated demand. And now it’s time to renew your faith in capitalism as a principle, because the market is listening to the demand. Ford is listening to the demand.

Let’s take the new Focus, my recent ride. The Titanium trim, Ford’s top-of-the-line Focus model, comes standard with a 2.0L Ti-VCT direct injection I-4 engine. This thing has all the bells and whistles you could possibly slam into a car this size, including heated seats, remote start, and the works. Punchline: it get’s 37 mpg on the highway. For any of you who may not instantly be impressed by a mpg number, that would get you from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas on roughly 12 gallons of gas: less than $40, and without a single stop on the way there if you left with a full tank.

Now, I commute almost daily, so this number might be a bit more exhilarating to me than to the average human being, but nobody can deny the gorgeousness that is the thought of going on a road trip with three good friends for only $10/each per 400 miles. That’s the kind of stuff Bieber videos are made of.

And that’s just the Focus. The Fusion does 34 mpg on the highway (47 for the hybrid), the Fiesta 39, and the C-Max an unbelievable 47 mpg. And then there’s the Energi lineup…

You get the point. Ford’s focus on fuel economy is fundamentally phenomenal. Forever. Don’t forget it.

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