Baby Proof Fords



Families in Utah want cars that are safe for their babies. Luckily, at Ford there are many baby safe options for Utah families. One of our favorites for families is the Ford Escape. did a car seat safety check on the new Ford Escape.

They tested three different types of child safety seats: a rear facing infant safety seat, a convertible child safety seat, and a high-back booster seat.

-The redesigned 2013 Ford Escape includes seatbacks that can recline for easier child-safety-seat installation.

-The Escape has two sets of lower Latch anchors that are easy to use.

-The booster seat fit well in the Escape and the seatbelts are on stable bases, which made it easier for children to use them independently.

-The forward facing convertible seat fit well behind the passenger seat, but to fit the rear facing convertible seat the passenger seat had to be moved up slightly.  With the infant safety seat, the passenger seat had to be moved up slightly as well.

-They all fit well with minor adjustments to the passenger seat, and they found that two car seats fit comfortably, and you could potentially fit three if narrow seats are used.

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