Fords to Take on Long Camping Trips

Both figuratively and literally, Ford is going the distance.

Ford’s newest innovations in fuel efficiency have made road trip enthusiasts and campers alike flock to the motor company’s exceptional selection of cars. These new vehicles are built to be the most fuel-efficient cars in their class while also withstanding any road or trail you may encounter along the way.

Hybrid vehicles like the Ford Fusion Hybrid offer 41 MPG on the highway, but Ford’s hybrid/electric car the Ford Fusion Energi Titanium offers 91 MPG on the highway. The best part about the Fusion Energi is that it’s an ideal electric car for when you’re running errands in West Valley City, Utah, but also it’s perfect for campgrounds like Moab National Park that don’t have electric charging stations. You can still drive it like a hybrid and still get exceptional fuel efficiency.

And if you’re looking to tow a camping trailer, the durable and light aluminum body give the Ford F150 one of the best MPG ratings ever in its class at 25 MPG.


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