Ford’s Sustainability Legacy

We at Henry Day Ford are proud to offer vehicles from an automaker that has long been known for its efforts in producing reliable vehicles in a sustainable way. This year, Ford has even earned the number one spot on Interbrand’s 50 Best Global Green Brands annual list.

From your local Ford dealer in Utah to the production facility in Pleukdang, Thailand, we care about designing a legacy of sustainability. Perhaps Robert Brown, the vice president of Ford’s Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, said it best. He remarks, “At Ford, we are working to develop the highest-quality products in the market for our customers while manufacturing them in the most environmentally responsible manner and replicating this globally.”

This award is mostly due to the emphasis on water, waste-reduction and efforts in green building. But Ford isn’t just focused on sustainability in production; there are other areas that emphasis greener living. For example, Ford provides the use of current and future biofuels for customers. Ford also analyzes data from vehicle usage in order to gain insight to consumer acceptance of electrification of personal vehicles. Today, nearly everyone at Ford — from a dealer in Utah to engineers on the production site — is looking for more ways to provide sustainable, green transportation for people all around the globe.

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