Ford’s New Collision Prevention Assist

1413993887983Here at Henry Day Ford in Utah , we strive to provide our customers with the most relevant and high tech assets in their vehicles. We also pride ourselves on obtaining high safety ratings. With the new collision assist feature, Ford will improve its safety ratings and results alike to an unprecedented level.


The collision prevention assist feature will help minimize and attenuate the impact of unavoidable collisions. The vehicle scanner will be able to detect potentially harmful objects in the surrounding areas and alert the driver of any breaches in the safety area around the vehicle. From the Ford F150 to our smaller cars, this update will make the roads a safer place.


The collision prevention assist feature of new Ford vehicles is derived from the same technology that the lane keeping system stems from. This has made the new F150 a hit and people continue to request this safety feature. With the continuation of detection, not only will Ford drivers be safe, the drivers of other makes and models and pedestrians alike will be safe.


While the debut of this luxury is set to launch in Europe, it is anxiously awaiting arrival in the new Ford F150s at Henry Day Ford. With over 300,000 miles of pedestrian testing this technological innovation may be hitting the streets of Utah in the next few months. Ford looks forward to staking claim to one of the most innovative safety designs in the automotive industry.

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