Ford’s Most Successful, Creative Slogans

Ford logo on steering wheel

From here in Utah to the remote of global locations, there has always been one common goal at Ford: to spread outstanding car service. However, good advertising never hurts to remind people who’s got their back. Over the years, Ford advertisers have circulated many different slogans. It was the ones that were both entertaining, yet meaningful at the same time that are truly unforgettable.

The line, “Have You Driven a Ford Lately?,” was ranked high on the list of the “Ten Best Automotive Slogans of All Time” by the On All Cylinders blog. Using this question reminded people to ask themselves if they were happy with their car. If not, Ford’s slogan told them where to go.

The aforementioned slogan, among others, has represented the company throughout the years, but it all began back in 1914 with the phrase, “Ford: The Universal Car.” This tagline was used to reach out to all types of people. It showed that Ford vehicles can adapt to any lifestyle, whether it requires an F150 truck or a Focus.

Since then, the best slogans have focused on driving puns mixed with customer-focused messages. One reads, “Everything We Do Is Driven By You.” Another more recent slogan went simply as follows: “Go Further.” This was specifically made to motivate employees, all while assuring customers that their F150 or other Ford-born automotive creations have the quality to take them far in life.

Overall, Ford’s mission has been to not only captivate the world with catchy lines, but send a message of its unbeatable service and customer concern for both those here in Utah and elsewhere.

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