Ford’s Marketing in Europe


Ford has long been a staple of American culture. What we often fail to consider is that in the last century, Ford has expanded way beyond the borders of our great nation. In fact, for the past 30 years, Ford has been launching marketing campaigns all across Europe in an attempt to boost car sales. This means that Ford has engaged in projects that Americans haven’t even considered Ford taking part in. From unveiling new technology to redesigning the Ford Focus, Ford seems to be doing it all across the pond.

Go Further Campaign

Ford’s go further campaign was launched to unveil new car models and different technological concepts. They emphasized Ford’s idea for the future of automotive technology. Ford wants to integrate connectivity into each and every car made by them. This concept of connectivity is what is going to enable future models to “talk to each other.”

New and Improved Ford Fiesta

In 2013, Ford rebranded the Ford Fiesta when it realized that it was only selling new cars throughout Europe. This meant that coming up with fresh ideas and a uniquely American style gave Ford an edge when it came to the European market. As a result of this, Ford’s market share in the European car industry grew by nearly two-percent.

Focusing on Hatchbacks

The second generation of the Ford Focus Hatchback was the bestselling Ford in the U.K., which is what prompted Ford to jump on the opportunity and redesign the car, giving it five-door version that made it more desirable among the British than ever before.

Of course, you don’t have to fly across the pond to see these impressive technological advancements. Right here at Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah, we have some of the best cars Ford has to offer. Our Ford Focus models as well as our mustangs are the pinnacle of Ford’s ingenuity.



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