Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter

Ford is implementing new technology in some of their vehicles. The current models getting this treatment are the Ford Edge, Kuga, S-Max, and Galaxy. This new feature is called an Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL). It is a hybrid of two previously used technologies, the Adjustable Speed Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition. Ford has a long history of innovation and this is another leap forward.

This combination allows the vehicle to scan the environment for traffic signs and interprets them through a character recognition software. Using this information, it then limits the speed of your vehicle to the recognized speed, regardless of how far down the gas pedal is pressed. This can be overridden by a firm press on the accelerator, although some are saying it is more of a hard kick than a firm press. If the speed limit lowers the car will not engage the breaks. Instead it will coast down to the new speed limit and then reengage the engine. When the speed limit increases, you will be able to accelerate up to the new maximum speed.

The ISL was made for individuals who have a problem unconsciously speeding by preventing them from being able go above the recognized speed, but many speculate that the technology could become government mandated in all vehicles.

Reviews of this new technology say that it is quite remarkable, but still has some problems that need to be worked out. So far, it hasn’t completely replaced the need for a driver to be constantly scanning the environment. It has been more of a helpful reminder than a perfect system. Reviews say that if the car is equipped with onboard navigation, ISL uses map data to increase performance and accuracy.

One important thing to take note of is how far down the gas pedal is pressed. When the limit changes if you have the pedal to the floor you will be in for a snappy acceleration.

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