Ford’s Innovative SYNC System and Henry Day’s Monthly ‘SYNC Sessions’ Response

Here at Henry Day Ford, we love our customers and are just as concerned about them getting the most out of their respective Ford vehicles as we are with closing a sale. In order to more fully ensure that each and every person with whom we work is totally satisfied with their F150 or other Ford vehicle, we recently began holding a series of monthly “SYNC Sessions.” These regularly occurring classes aim to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of Ford’s groundbreaking SYNC  system.

Ford SYNC is a factory-installed, in-vehicle communications system which allows motorists to make hands-free phone calls, control music, adapt cabin climate and tap into GPS monitoring with nothing more than a motorist’s voice. Though extremely helpful, initially, SYNC technology can be a bit difficult for users to access and use on a daily basis. For this very reason, we feel that our SYNC Sessions are of great benefit for all Ford enthusiasts here in Utah.

Said Brad Neilson, our very own Parts and Services Director, of the the purpose of SYNC Sessions, “This gives us an opportunity to sit down with our customers—after the sale—and explain some of the features on their vehicle and help them to better understand their SYNC system and all of the technology that’s built into the Ford vehicle.”

Complete with dinner, a brief overview of Henry Day Ford and hands-on tutorials using actual customer vehicles—including the new F150—our SYNC sessions have proven to be a hit for all who wish to come and participate here in Utah. For more information on free upcoming SYNC Sessions opportunities, please contact us through our website.

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