Ford’s Extreme Climate Team Delivers

When you finally decide to take the plunge and visit your local Ford dealers, there will probably be a few things running through your mind. As you take on the streets of West Valley City, Utah, you know that you’re going to be facing everything from snow to extreme heat. No matter the season, Utahans don’t get a break.

Lucky for you, Ford has an Extreme Climate Team doing research to bring everything you need to the Ford dealers near you. The customer clinic that they’ve organized has given helpful feedback that is already being implemented in the 2017 models of these vehicles.

Extreme Temperatures, a Rude Awakening

Last year, cities across the United States felt the effects of El Nino. This meant longer wet seasons and way more snow than many areas were used to. Ford made a commitment to find what drivers felt they were missing in order to handle these extreme temperatures.

Their team went north to a customer clinic in Edmonton, Alberta to hear what real life customers were faced with while taking on the roads. What better a place to go to determine customer needs  than one of the coldest places in North America?

What’s New With Ford?

The results were eye opening for Ford dealers and manufacturers across the world. Nicole Mazur, a product development quality supervisor for Ford Canada and export markets said, “ What our customers in Canada told us is simple – ‘Heat is everything!’”

This means that your newer Fords may soon feature a windshield wiper de-icer that works by heating the area that the blades rest to remove ice in less than 10 minutes. You no longer need to destroy your hands in hopes of scraping ice off.

In addition to that, drivers may find that heated steering wheels and mirrors will soon be available, as 82 percent of people said they would purchase a Ford if these features came standard. Ford quality means bringing the customers what they want.

Once again, this is proof that customers are at the heart of everything they do.

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