Ford’s Contribution in WW2

Henry Day Ford is one of your local Utah Ford Dealers in West Valley City, Utah, but did you know that before Ford made its way to West Valley City, Ford was helping the U.S. government defeat the Nazi’s? Henry Ford has a history of rags to riches, and he used those riches to help the United States win one of the most infamous wars in history.

How It Started

When the Great Depression hit, Ford lost a lot of money. He was at his peek at the time, having sold millions of Model Ts and had a working factory with 4,000 employed. But when the stock market crashed, he had to lower wages and lay off a lot of people. When WW2 came around — Ford, who was a pacifist — was against having the U.S. enter the war. But even with his opposition, he made plane engines for the British government, and said that if he had to, he would make more engines. Then came 1942 — Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor, forcing the U.S. into the war.

During The War

Ford got in the mix of helping make engines; Ford had built 86,865 complete aircrafts, and 57,851 plane engines. These are things you probably won’t see at Utah Ford Dealers. Ford not only made aircrafts, but helped on land as well. His Ford plants in England and Canada, helped in the production efforts in the United States by making car parts.

Ford cars were transporting important machinery to England, right through occupied France and Spain. Because of Switzerland neutrality, this is where Ford was able to get most of his machinery in Europe. Germany was very dependent on Swiss tools, so it was forced to let products go through occupied territories and be distributed to their own enemies. With this, Ford’s plant in England was able to turn out 30,000 complex V-12 engines. Ford, after the end of the war, had built 277,896 vehicles — and to think that Utah Ford Dealers at Henry Day Ford, has this kind of legacy.

The End

At the end of the war, Ford was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the American Legion — he was 81 years old. Ford died in 1947 with an estate valued at $205 million — a large part of it was given to the fact of his success in the war. So when you’re down at your Utah Ford Dealers at Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, just remember: You’re driving a car that helped America.

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