Ford’s College Community Challenge Does a Great Deal of Good

Corporate Presentation at Ford

Whether it be here in Utah or elsewhere, the Ford Motor Company is known for producing some of the world’s finest automobiles. Though the 2015 Ford F150 is an impressive accomplishment in its own right, the company openly recognizes that there are more important matters in life.

Truthfully, two of those include none other than education and sustainability. Through Ford’s 2015 College Community Challenge (Ford C3), both of the aforementioned themes are efficiently addressed.

Ford C3 is a betterment-based initiative which seeks out and publicly recognizes outstanding universities and students who target real solutions in the ways of one central theme: Building Sustainable Communities.

Take the work of Brian Fountaine, for example. Once a tank commander in Iraq, he is now finds himself studying design at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. College is hard enough as it is, but Brian’s biggest academic hindrance is somewhat unusual—he’s doing everything without legs.

After losing his legs to a pair of Iraqi bombs, Brian decided to create a project devoted to developing top-tier, less-expensive prosthetic limbs for veterans and amputees using 3D printing technology.

Needless to say, Ford C3 stepped in to help Brian with his plan, awarding him a monetary allotment of $25,000 to cover any necessary expenses.

In addition to Brian’s groundbreaking project, nine other proposals have received a $25,000 grant. If interested, a list of all Ford C3-sponsored projects can be found here.

Sure, the Ford F150 is an incredible symbol of automotive ingenuity here in Utah. That said, there’s more important work to be done and Ford is set on becoming and staying meaningfully involved.

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