Ford’s Charity Efforts to Detroit

Whether it’s through the financial success of Ford Dealers or its technological breakthroughs in cars like the Ford Fusion, Ford wouldn’t be the company it is today if it wasn’t for the sacrifice, hard work and determination of Ford’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

The birth of the American automobile happened in Detroit, and without that city, Ford wouldn’t be the company it is today.

Ford thanks its hometown by donating to various community services projects in the area. Within the last 10 years alone, Ford has made $161 million of community investments in Detroit.

Some of those investments have been toward helping more than 85,000 low income families in Detroit getting food, and to donating millions of dollars and vehicles to non-profit services such as the Detroit Water fund and the M-1 Rail Project.

Ford’s most recent charitable endeavor in Detroit was their $400,000 donation to the Cass Community Social Services. The money donated to Cass will go towards building 25 tiny homes that are hoping to revitalize Detroit neighborhoods that have been abandoned or considered unpleasant.

The tiny homes will house everyone from college students, senior citizens and former homeless people.

“Ford has a proud legacy of giving back to Detroit and Southeast Michigan, and this type of transformational project aligns with our mission of making people’s lives better through innovation,” President of the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services Jim Vella said.

Ford’s immense charitable efforts, both in Detroit and throughout the world, greatly overshadow other car companies’ efforts. The company gives back so much though because people from West Valley City, Utah to the other side of the world decide to buy from their local Ford dealers because they know that Ford is more than just a car company. It is a brand with a long tradition of excellence, toughness and generosity.

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