FordPass App Helps Users Find Transportation — Even if They Don’t Own a Ford

As Ford executives announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January, the company is looking to move past simply selling automobiles; instead, the American automaker is looking to become something else entirely — a technology-driven, “transportation services” company.

The Ford Motor Company is planning to bring in the post-automobile era with its free new FordPass app. With the app, Ford owners and non-Ford owners alike will have access to all sorts of transportation options, from directions and public transportation information to ride-sharing options. So even if you’re not the proud owner of a Ford Fusion or Ford F150, you can still find a way to get around West Valley City, Utah or anywhere else.

The FordPass app consists of three main systems: FordGuides, FlightCar and FordPay. FordGuides helps users with navigation, roadside assistance, finding advance parking and more — users can even connect with a live FordGuide (a real person) who can help you solve your navigation woes.

FlightCar works to connect users with rideshare vehicles while they travel. So the next time you fly into Utah, you won’t have to wait in line at the car rental agency for a Ford Fusion — just use FlightCar and have a rideshare waiting for you at the airport.

FordPay is pretty much what you’d think it is: a method for paying for the various extra features offered in the FordPass app. For now, users will be able to use FordPay to buy fast food at their nearby Utah-area establishment, such as McDonald’s and 7-Eleven.

Again, you don’t have to own a Ford Fusion or other Ford vehicle to use FordPass. With a fancy new app targeting all different modes of transportation, Ford looks to bring travel into the modern digital age. As Ford executives said in a statement, FordPass is destined to “do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans.”

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