Ford Ups the Police Enforcement Game


The Ford Police Interceptor Utility has proven to be one of the most popular vehicles for law enforcement since its introduction in 2012. Police forces from Utah to the East Coast have implemented the vehicles as an integral part of their team. While its sales may not approach that of Ford’s perennial best-seller, the F150, the Police Interceptor Utility has also made its mark in the auto industry.

Ford unveiled the 2016 model of the Police Interceptor Utility at the Chicago Auto Show, revealing many new features that will make it an even better crime-fighting vehicle. The newest model features several upgrades from previous models, utilizing input from Ford’s Police Advisory Board to ensure this would be more than just a “nice upgrade.”

One of the most innovative new features is an available Surveillance Mode technology that will warn the driver if someone is approaching the vehicle from behind. When the surveillance system is triggered, windows will raise and doors will lock automatically to protect officers inside. The Police Interceptor Utility is the first law enforcement vehicle to offer this feature.

Other key features of the vehicle include ballistic shields to protect officers from gunfire, custom-developed brakes with a high-venting cooling system, SYNC and BLIS systems (similar to those available in the Ford F150) and heavy-duty power train mounts. These and other features ensure that police officers in Utah and across the nation will be able to perform their job better than ever before.

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