Ford Unveils 2017 Super Duty in Denver

The new F-series Super Duty has been unveiled, wowing Ford fans and critics alike. To make an even bigger splash, the truck was unveiled in Denver Colorado, where the truck industry is booming.

The 2017 Super Duty

Colorado isn’t the only place with a huge truck popularity. Dealers in West Valley City, Utah are excited to sell the new Super Duty to the huge outdoor crowd of Utah. The Super Duty is mainly sold to those whose jobs need a lot of cargo space and/or the ability to haul an incredible amount of weight. The new Super Duties frame is 24 times stiffer than the previous model, making it an even stronger than before. The truck will also feature 10 cup holders, each able to hold any size of drink needed.

Why Colorado?

Colorado is one of the highest places for Ford dealers to sell trucks, since a large part of the populace use trucks for jobs. Not to mention, the occasional trip to Utah to vacation in the state’s fantastic tourist areas. Ford’s numbers show that the state has had a 10 percent increase in Ford purchases in recent years, making it the perfect place to premiere new vehicles to dealers and drivers nationwide. Ford is having an industry high across the country compared to other vehicle companies, and is expanding quickly around the world. Several months ago the Ford China market saw a similar increase in sales, due to workers who needed a dependable truck going to the US brand for answers.

The Cost of Strength

The new Ford Super Duty will be available this fall, and will start at $32,500. The truck will have a premium edition at $77,000 with even more amazing features, such as heated seats. Either way if you need a truck for work or a fantastic vacation, the 2017 Ford Super Duty will be the truck you need.

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