Ford Presents the 2015 Vignale Mondeo for Potential Well-to-Do European Clients

From here in Utah to all other parts of the country, the Ford Motor Company is no stranger to automotive ingenuity. Be it the F150 or Explorer, Ford is continually looking for new ways to push the proverbial envelope in an effort to provide better products for their global consumer base. Due to the fact that the “American-made” brand no longer only markets to Yankee audiences, Ford recently decided to up its worldwide appeal through the new Ford Vignale Mondeo.

The European sedan was originally teased as a concept car of sorts at a German auto trade show in 2013, yet is now very much a reality. Reports of the vehicle’s overall aesthetic appeal, “The Vignale features a few distinguishing visual cues to mark it out from regular Mondeos. The grille features a new hexagonal motif in a dark matte metallic finish, framed by a polished aluminum surround.” Additionally, “The lower bumper has also been reshaped, with new chrome bars.” Needless to say, for well-to-do europeans, the Vignale promises to turn heads.

As far as raw distinguishing features are concerned, the Vignale has plenty of them. For starters this sedan comes with three of the Mondeo’s most intimidating drivetrains: a 210 PS 2.0 TDCi biturbo diesel, a 240 PS 2.0 liter EcoBoost petrol and a 187 PS petrol-electric hybrid. Seems impressive enough, right?

Well, when each car is assembled at Ford’s Valencia plant with over 100 individual checks before each unit is released to the public, excellence is expected. To the surprise of nobody here in Utah or elsewhere, Ford’s proved that it’s more than just an expert on the F150.

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