Ford Performance Cars Shatter Expectations

Now more than ever, drivers are feeling the need for speed in Ford cars.

Ford is on track to sell more than 200,000 performance cars from Ford dealers throughout the world. That’s nearly double the sales of performance cars from two years ago. Ford’s current lot of performance cars are the Ford Focus RS, Focus ST, Fiesta ST and Mustang. By the end of the decade, Ford has promised to triple their performance car selection.

“Ford’s commitment to performance leadership continues,” Dave Pericak, the global director for Ford Performance, said. “Ford [is] on track to deliver 12 new performance vehicles promised by the end of the decade.”

Two of those new performance cars will be coming out later this year: the Ford F150 Raptor and the Ford GT.

The people who are buying Ford performance cars are younger and more affluent than before, meaning that Ford is becoming a tastemaker for younger generations who are looking to buy their first new car. This also means that the younger people who are buying Ford cars now are likely to continue buy from Ford for their future car purchases.

Demand for Ford’s Mustang GT350 and 350R have skyrocketed this year, and 2017 models for both cars are sold out, although the Ford Shelby GT350 Base model is available at Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah.

The Ford Focus RS has also sold out in every region around the world, and more than 6,500 people applied to be one of the first 500 drivers to own a Ford GT when it becomes available this year. The F150 Raptor is also expected to sell exceptionally when it’s released in the United States this year.

The biggest takeaway from this is to remember that the popularity of Ford’s lineup of performance cars isn’t a trend or a fad. Fords are always some of the best selling cars in any given year, it’s just that even more people are now getting the word about how exceptional these cars truly are.

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