Ford offers financial relief for those affected by recent storms

natural-disastersFrom the beginning, Henry Ford’s focus has been to create an affordable car for the masses.  Henry Ford raised his employees salary and lowered the price of his cars as soon as he could, proving that he wanted to serve society, not just take their money.

Today the Ford Motor Credit Company and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services are offering customers affected by recent floods and other devastating storms the option to delay some of their payments.  This disaster relief program allows qualified customers to delay a couple monthly payments, resuming their regular payment schedules when their situations improve. This allows customers to focus on rebuilding their lives.

According to Yahoo Finance, the offer is available to customers who are leasing or have recently purchased vehicles with financing from Ford Credit, Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital, Mazda American Credit, PRIMUS, or Volvo Car Finance.

This shows that Ford realizes the affect these disasters have had on their customers, and rather than simply expecting their money anyway, while they still need to get their fair payment, they don’t want it at the expense of their customer’s well being. They want them to be able to focus on what’s most important. Giving Ford customers affected by these natural disasters some time to get back on their feet is a great thing.  Henry Ford would be proud.

This news can provide comfort to Utah Ford customers. Utahans can know they will be in good hands if  a disaster ever occurs in Utah.

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