Ford Motor Company Wins NASCAR’s ‘Driving Business Award’

Soon after Ford riders Joey Logano and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. lead the pack of Ford Fusion GT qualifying racers in the Good Sam 500, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Phoenix, the Ford Motor Company was awarded NASCAR’s “Driving Business Award” for the third time. The automotive company is the first three-time winner of the annual NASCAR award.

Every year, the “Driving Business Award” is bestowed upon an Official NASCAR Partner company that demonstrates leadership and exemplary business practices, through its participation in the NASCAR Fuel for Business (NFFB) Council. Out of nearly 60 Official NASCAR Partners, the Ford Motor Company took home the prestigious award, due to the company’s record of both sustainable and successful business ventures, from Utah to the Midwest.

From West Valley City, Utah to the East Coast, the Ford Motor Company is known for its strength and perseverance — manifested both in its vehicles, such as the Ford Fusion and best-selling Ford F150, and the company’s internal dealings.

Ford was one of the most active companies among the NFFB Council in 2015, organizing co-marketing programs, pinpointing procurement opportunities, augmenting ways for NASCAR partners to purchase Ford vehicles for their racing teams, and increasing participation for Ford’s “Partner Recognition Program,” among others. The company sold more than 3,500 Ford Fusion and other vehicles through the aforementioned “Partner Recognition Program.”

Other highlights from the Ford’s participation in the NFFB Council include successful co-marketing programs with SiriusXM, MillerCoors and Goodyear and multiple other business deals worth more than $5 million.

Said Tim Duerr, Ford Performance motorsports marketing manager, “As a proud member of the council, winning the ‘Driving Business Award’ for the third time is proof, yet again, of how effective the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council platform is at generating a positive return on investment for partners.”

For NASCAR Partners in Utah and throughout the country, the Ford Motor Company is bringing in some much-needed new business and contributing to the overall reputation of NASCAR in the United States. Now that’s “Driving Business.”

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