Ford Innovation: The Smartest Cars in the World

Ford shows its dedication to creating incredible vehicles through its technological innovations. The company also focuses on stunning vehicle designs that also provide optimum performance. All Ford vehicles offer comfort and are designed to fit the needs of their drivers.

One of Ford’s latest technological ideas is to create a more driving intuitive vehicle. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are currently designing algorithms that will allow Ford vehicles to avoid collisions through predicting the path of other vehicles and objects that are in front of the car.

Ford is also creating vehicles that use alternative forms of energy and has developed a revolution concept called C-MAX Solar Energi. This technology uses solar panels that are placed on a car’s roof to power the vehicle.

Although these two technologies are not yet available, any individual’s local Ford Dealer is still abundant in contemporary Ford innovations. For example, the Ford 2015 Mustang has all-new inflatable airbags that are small in their size and weight, but offer optimum protection.

Ford’s new three cylinder EcoBoost engine is yet another innovation in Ford technology. Utah drivers can visit their local Ford dealer to understand why this incredible engine was honored with a Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics magazine.

Ford consistently releases technological innovations that improve driver satisfaction and increase vehicle safety. Here at Henry Day Ford, our employees are ready to help Utah residents understand Ford technology and select a vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

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