Ford Fusion sedans will now be made in the United States


America has had a few rough years with the economic bubble and whatnot, but things are looking up.  Ford is dedicated to further providing U.S. citizens jobs, and the newest showing of this is the recent announcement that their Fusion sedans will now be made right here in the U.S.


While they won’t necessarily be made right here in Utah, the Flat Rock, Michigan factory has already begun making the Fusion models. As reported by ABC news, over 1,400 workers have been hired for building the Fusions, raising the total number of employees to a whopping 3,100 workers.


Previously the south-of-Detroit factory had only built Ford Mustangs, but due to growing demand of the midsize sedan, company heads have decided to branch out from the Hermosillo, Mexico plant, which had previously been the only manufacturer of the vehicle.


Two hundred and fifty thousand Ford Fusions a year just wasn’t enough to satisfy all the potential customers in Utah and elsewhere.  With the new orders in play, Ford estimates that they will be able to raise the yearly Fusion output to 350,000 per year, which will better contend with the 13 percent sales increase they saw last year.  The Ford Fusion is one of the best-selling cars in the U.S.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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