Ford Fusion: Final Thoughts

Well guys, I just handed over the Fusion back to the kind folks at Henry Day Ford. While I’m excited for what’s next, I’ve got to say I’m sad inside. This Fusion is an astonishing vehicle. Here are my highlights:

  • Looks. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a bit of a crush on this car. While I’ve felt pretty awesome driving every one of these new Fords, I must admit this one was different. This car is downright sexy. You get looks from all sorts of people. Those who’ve heard about the car can’t wait to see one in real life, and those who haven’t either think it’s an Aston Martin or can’t believe they’ve been left out for so long. Inside and out, this car just feels fast. The lines of the body are perfect, and the inside feels comfortable yet sporty in a way you just can’t explain. Want to feel like the man? Saddle up a new Fusion.
  • Fuel Economy. I commute quite a bit between work and college. My house is in a different city than my school and a different county than my office. I basically have I-15 memorized, and I spend a lot of money on gas. That said, the Fusion and EcoBoost made that commute considerably more manageable. Averaging over 28 mpg on the freeway, I felt like driving a lot was actually okay. And the Fusion does a great job of letting you know how you’re doing and how you could do better.
  • Tech. I’ve become this spoiled brat. Anytime I have to go back to my car that doesn’t have heated seats, remote start, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, etc. (the list could go on forever), part of me dies. I hate to be that guy, but this stuff makes life better. Ford’s killing it with all of these new features.
  • Fun. I never thought I could enjoy a 1.6 liter four cylinder so much. While I’m dying to check out the 2.0 liter in a future drive, I must admit I was generally pleased with the smaller engine. The car gives you responsible, fuel-efficient driving when you need it, but gives you the boost you need to have some fun when you want it. Switching the car into sport mode and managing the shifting myself (at the touch of a button via electronic shifting), I was pleasantly surprised at the acceleration and roar the engine produced. This car jumps when you want it to, and I couldn’t be more pleased, especially when I’m getting 20+ mpg at the end of the day.

So, until the Henry Day people let me take out a 2.0 liter Titanium, the Fusion and I part ways. But I’m not kidding when I say I loved driving it, and I’m definitely not kidding when I say I would happily buy this car over an Altima, Passat, or Accord any day.

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