Ford Fusion Energi Taking Over West Coast Sales

The Ford Fusion Energi is quickly becoming one of the most popular cars at Utah Ford dealers and Ford dealers across the country. From West Valley City, Utah to the West Coast, car buyers are rushing to invest in the latest Ford electric hybrids. West Coast shoppers especially are making the Fusion Energi a staple of dealers’ sales in the region.

The California market is consuming Energis so quickly that other states can’t get their hands on the model. Ford Motor Company reports that Energi sales in southern California increased by 40 percent compared to a year ago.

Why such a big hit in the Sunshine State? State laws and policies support a move towards cleaner air. Known for being leaders in environmentally friendly practices, West Coast consumers see the great merit in a hybrid vehicle.

This trend is continuing to grow throughout the nation as well. The electric car market in the United States rose 2.1 percent in June of 2016 compared to the same month the year before. Sales for plug-in hybrids like the Energi specifically were up 68.3 percent.

The technology in the Ford Fusion Energi surpasses any previous electric car model. Beyond being eco-friendly, the car spaciously seats five people and is very affordable compared to other electric cars. The Energi has a 14-gallon fuel tank and 21 miles of range on solely electric power. It also features the number one combined range — 610 miles on a battery charge and tank of gas — compared to any other electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Ford Fusion marketing manager Wade Jackson said, “The spike in Fusion Hybrid and Energi sales is a testament to Ford’s advanced engineering team developing fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive electric vehicles.”

Drivers in Utah and throughout the rest of the country can take a nod from West Coast consumers. The new Energi really can’t be beat.

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