Ford Fusion Drives the Farthest

Once electricity hit the scene in automotive fuel the question has been: How long before you run out of power and are stranded in the middle of the desert without an outlet? Ford has upped the answer by creating the longest lasting fusion vehicle on the market, which is great news for anyone wanting a hybrid but doesn’t want the hike to the nearest gas station with the friendly neighborhood vultures circling overhead.

Meet the Fusion Energi

Driving across Utah’s deserts, a driver can go miles without seeing a gas station, but that’s not a problem since Ford’s 2017 Fusion Energi can make it 60 miles further than the previous model, making it the head of the industry. A person could drive from West Valley City to St. George without worrying about stopping for gas or power. Bathroom breaks are still necessary.

The New Engine

The way the Fusion Energi gains its impressive mileage comes from its unique ability to recycle energy used in breaking, which is energy previously completely lost to the driver. This allows the charge and gas to go even further than previous models, and is a feature unique to Ford. The already environmentally friendly car recycles itself, making it outclass the competition in every way. More Ford vehicles will be implementing this technology in the future, so the Ford Fusion series will always be on the top of its game.

The Consumer

What this ultimately means for those looking to buy a Ford Fusion to cruise around Utah and its neighboring states is that the fear of breaking down and becoming stranded is almost completely removed, as the car has the same range as any other well-maintained vehicle. The electric component also cuts down on fuel usage and exhaust, thus keeping the pristine environments of the Utah area perfect for those driving through.

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