Ford Focus Sales in China Skyrocket


The Ford Focus is continually growing in popularity in Utah and other states. Foreign countries are also catching on to the benefits of owning a Ford Focus. China’s sales of the Focus have risen by 153 percent just from January through March of 2013.

That’s a total of 104,065 vehicles sold making the Ford Focus the top selling car worldwide for the first quarter of 2013. Ford has tailored the Focus model to suit the tastes of Chinese consumers. The addition of more leather and chrome has also intrigued Utah buyers. At Henry Day Ford, we are proud to offer this popular model to Utah drivers.

The decline of popularity of Japanese cars has boosted Ford sales in China. The dispute between China and Japan territories has had an effect on Japanese car sales in China, but the Ford’s safety test ratings have also impacted the sales. Ford has acquired a reputation for safety in China. Last year, Ford Motor Company began production of the Focus at one of two plants in Chongqing, China to keep up with the demand.

The Ford Focus has pleased drivers in China, and is sure to please drivers across the Atlantic right here in Utah as well. Visit our website or stop by Henry Day Ford to find your next Ford Focus.

About the author:

Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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