Ford Fiesta MyKey: Perfect for a teenager


When buying your teenager their first car, you are probably thinking about safety.  Most Utah parents struggle when car shopping for their teenager, for they want something that is both affordable and safe, along with having a decent fuel economy.  Fortunately, the Ford Fiesta offers all of these things, along with a special feature called MyKey that lets you keep track of your teenager more than they would ever want you to.  Take into consideration the benefits of buying a car with MyKey installed, for it could make a big difference in the safety of your teenager on  Utah’s busy streets.


Here’s how MyKey works: you, the parents, can control the top speed of the Ford Fiesta by the touch of a button.  Are you afraid that your teenager is a leadfoot?  MyKey can prevent them from hitting the gas too hard, along with providing notifications when certain speed thresholds are attained.  The system can also be programmed to prevent the music from being turned up too loud, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road better.  It can even mute the radio if the seat-belts are not buckled.  An annoying feature for a Utah teenager, yes, but it keeps them safe, and that’s all that matters.


MyKey also affects the handling of the car by using new technology to protect unaware drivers.  The Ford Fiesta Active City Stop feature scans for any obstructions ahead, and acts on them if the driver does nothing.  For instance, if there is a parked car incoming, and your teenager doesn’t see it, MyKey senses it and applies the brakes before the driver can even react.  Also, traction control can always be kept on despite the driver’s attempts to shut it off.  This will prevent your teenager from doing donuts during Utah’s winters.


Besides all of that, a Ford Fiesta is a good buy because it is affordable and gets great fuel economy.  There are many trim packages that come with little additional cost, giving your teenager a stylish vehicle for a low price.  What child would object to mood lighting and satellite radio?


If you want to keep your teenager safe, consider investing in the Ford Fiesta with the MyKey option.  Your teenager may think it is annoying, but they’re at an age where they think everything you do is annoying.  At least you will keep them safe, and they will thank you for it later.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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