Ford F-150: First Impressions

After my debut date with the C-Max, the folks over at Henry Day felt like I needed to man up a little bit. The result: a weekend with this fully loaded (seriously, it had everything) black beauty.

All-black Ford F-150

All-black Ford F-150

Before I continue with my first impressions, I should explain a thing or two about myself. See, I grew up as the youngest of four sons to a father who worked his life away as a kid just to drive nice cars. I remember sneaking into my brothers’ room just to stare at their carefully hung poster of a Porsche 959, as well as the elation I felt when I finally got my own first car poster, a Viper RT10. We saved for die-cast models (my favorite was a yellow Ferrari F50) and fought over Car & Driver every month when it arrived. And it wasn’t uncommon to find the Locke boys spending all day Saturday roaming from dealership to dealership drooling over the latest and greatest.

While this is all real cute, it does have a point. And the point is this: I grew up as a car snob. I still am one. And I’m particularly fond of the European manufacturers because I’ve always admired the high level of fit and finish. But now, with that said:

I love this truck.

As in, I really, really love this truck. Having grown up in Utah as the son of a landscaper, I’ve spent my fair share of time in pickup trucks, trucks that were powerful and utilitarian, that definitely got the job done well, but paid almost no attention to refinement and detail in aesthetics and comfort. Well, if this F-150 is any sign of what’s to come, the days of boring, unrefined trucks are done. The American truck companies (well, at least Ford) have seen the light and the result is astounding.

F-150 Center Console

I noticed it the second I sat down in the cabin and found myself wrapped in heated, all-black, perforated leather seats staring at a stunning display of high-tech lights and gauges all wrapped in this warm, dark wood grain like you’d see on your mother’s mantel. The cabin was quiet, until I turned on the crazy-loud stereo, and then it wasn’t quiet. But I was glad it wasn’t quiet.

Everything in this truck, from the door-shut to the dials to the drive itself, is rock solid and smooth. Nothing feels cheap. The fit and finish of the F-150 is absolutely phenomenal, and that’s why I love this truck.

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