Ford Energi-Ford of the Future

If you’re looking for a way to leave a smaller environmental footprint in West Valley City, Utah, look no further than your local Ford dealers, as the Ford Energi’s debut has been heralded as a new way to drive in style while still being eco-friendly.

Well Reviewed

Ford’s new C-Max Energi is hitting the world by storm as one of the most luxurious hybrid cars consumers and dealers have ever seen. The Ford Energi is currently leading in consumer reviews for hybrids of its class in nearly every category, meaning anyone who’s already driven one is already in love with it.

Features of the Future

The Ford Energi has more than just the environment-saving electric battery to boast. If you need a boost, the car also features a convenient cord and charging home so while you’re charging your phone and MP3 player, you can charge your car as well. Built into the dashboard is a state-of-the-art LED screen equipped with tutorials on how to park in tight situations in order to get that perfect space on tight Utah streets. The LED also has a convenient and artful screen showing how energy efficient your car is currently running, allowing you to adjust accordingly to get the most out of your eco-friendly experience.

Power of the Voice

As far as safety features, the Ford Energi comes with Ford’s award winning safety features, as well as the perfect thing for modern life. The car comes with the Sync system, allowing you to perform nearly every task you can from your phone in your car all without taking your eyes off the wheel. An upgrade can get you the Sync 3, with new hardware and advanced voice recognition.

Stylish, sleek and energy efficient: What more could you look for when you hit up your Ford dealers selection in Utah?

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