Ford earns ethical company nod

Of 600 applicants, only 144 companies have made the list. This year, Ford Motor Company has once again made the cut to be included as one of the of the world’s most ethical companies, marking the fifth consecutive year that Ford has been recognized by Ethisphere Institute as one of the most ethical companies in the world. While the list isn’t ranked, it gives the listed companies an opportunity to boast that they are among the most ethical companies in the world. This is the eighth year that Ethisphere has recognized ethical companies, naming companies from 41 industries to the honor.

The Ethisphere Institute is a 9-year-old management consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of business ethics, social responsibility, anti-corruption, and sustainability. Every year they bring together 300 lawyers, managers and executives that are all concerned with the compliance of ethical practices. Ethisphere told Forbes that to earn a spot on the most ethical list, a company must have corporate compliance programs, social responsibility policies, comply with federal sentencing guidelines, abide by international labor, anti-trust and trade laws, and also monitor their supply chain to be sure the companies they have contracts with are also abiding by international law.

Ford, being an international auto dealer, is accompanied on the list with other American companies such as Kellogg, Google and Gap Inc. But Ford Motor Company is the only automaker that has made the cut for the 2014 World’s Most Ethical Company list. According to the Ford media website, they were selected for their “corporate responsibility efforts, governance and business practices.”

Ford and their many dealers in Utah and across the globe go beyond just making statements about conducting business ethically. They translate those words into action with ethical business practice programs. Their corporate compliance office has in place a program specific to guide the compliance with Ford Policy Letters and other legal requirements. The program raises awareness of the company’s ethical practices and insures an infrastructure that allows employees in Utah and other states to report and policy violations. It also oversees the investigation of reports made, as well as conducts risk assessments and provides training and education on legal and ethical risks.

Consumers can buy worry free from any local Utah Ford dealer knowing that the company is certified for continually doing business ethically. Trust is hard to earn, but when drivers are coming off the dealer’s lot in a new Mustang or a used Focus, they will know they have purchased from a company they can trust.


Katie Alvarez is a writer for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. She writes content for Henry Day Ford and many other clients.

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