Ford: “Doing Well” In The Automotive Industry

Ford is making plenty of headlines this week given the release of the new 2015 F150, which utilizes a lighter frame and responsive updates. With the buzz surrounding the release of Ford’s most definitive truck, some vehicle owners may not realize that Ford specializes in more than just vehicle innovation.

Ford is a national partner to many charities and organizations. The most well known is the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Aside from this larger partner, Ford also likes to give back within its communities. From Henry Day Ford in Utah to branches throughout the U.S., Ford strives to make a name for itself outside vehicle innovation.

Ford offers scholarships to local students who write essays and who are involved in the Utah community. This is Ford’s way of giving back to the community. Creating a better tomorrow for the youth in cities across the globe is a goal Ford strives for and attains. Outside of the F150 and its innovation Ford wants to continue the growth of not just its customer base, but the globe it belongs to as well.

Join us in our march to make a better world. Next time you stop inside a Ford dealership, ask about the charities, scholarships and research and feel free to lend a helping hand so Ford can move forward both on and off the road.

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