Ford design scholarship passes on late owner’s legacy

Detroit Lions 2005 HeadshotsIf you are someone who loves everything about the Ford F150, the build, the power and the muscle, you probably love Utah Ford vehicles in general. The body of the cars and the purr of the engine makes you want to take the Utah car apart and put it back together again. Your dream might even be to go to an automotive design school and design the next greatest F-150. If you feel like that just described you, then do we have some great news for you.

With the passing of William Clay Ford, Sr., Ford Motor Company has decided to honor his memory by creating a scholarship for automotive design students. According to The Ford Motor Company Media Center, “William Clay Ford, Sr., the last grandson of Henry Ford, died at the age of 88. Ford worked at the company that bears his family name for 57 years, serving as chairman of the sign committee for 32 of those years.” What better way to honor a man who was all about design than by creating a Ford design scholarship to help the next generation of car designers help his legacy live on.

Each scholarships will award a total of $1 million over the next 20 years to each recipient. The amount will be split into five $10,000 scholarships that will be awarded to outstanding college sophomores or juniors with intentions of a degree in automotive design.

This scholarship can help you gain the chance you need to design the next Ford F-150, and help automotive design students all over the country design the next generation of Ford vehicles. Ford wants the best, so go out there an become the best and help William Clay Ford Sr.’s legacy live on.


Marcus McReynolds is a writer at Fusion 360 in Salt Lake City, writing for local businesses like Henry Day Ford.

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