Ford Continues to Have a Reputation of Happy Customers

Ford has been keeping its customers happy since 1903. The company’s exceptional customer service, charitable donations to the community and ability to provide its customers with reliable cars have kept car buyers coming back to the dealer again and again.


When it comes to customer service, Ford stands above the rest. Even in times of hardship, Ford makes sure to keep their customers happy. In their recent recall, Ford made sure to provide all customers with a quality rental, making sure that no one was inconvenienced by the situation and keeping customers from Utah to New York loyal to the brand.


Ford has been known for making charitable donations to organizations all across the U.S. This past month, the company had its annual Get Your Heart Racing event that raised millions of dollars for the Edith and Benson Ford Heart & Vascular Institute. Additionally, Ford just recently gave $2 million in grants to schools in Louisville, Kentucky to teach business skills to students.


Lastly, Ford has a reputation for creating high class, reliable cars that have been keeping customers happy for years. The F-Series has been America’s top selling car for 30 years.


At Henry Day Ford here in Utah, we work to keep the company’s reputation for excellence. Stop in and visit our dealer, experience our quality customer service and test drive our quality vehicles. We make sure our customers walk away happy and satisfied every time.

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