Ford Celebrates 100 Years of Truck Evolution

At the end of July, exactly 100 years ago, Ford Motor Company released the 1917 Ford Model TT, its first ever all-purpose pickup truck.Since then, Ford has trudged its pickup trucks forward as being some of the most iconic in the world and creating an everlasting love affair among American consumers from West Valley City, Utah to the East Coast.

From the Ford F150 to the new F150 Raptor, and everything in between, Ford has come along way in the last century and made history along the way.

The Beginning

Almost a decade after the release of the Model T, Ford customers were starting to ask for a vehicle that could accommodate heavier loads and be of better efficiency for work and delivery services.

In 1917, Ford’s vision was to create an endurance vehicle with a frame that was capable of accommodating cargo beds and large equipment. Henry Ford wanted to specifically target farmers, but had no idea of the consumer’s hearts he would attain by designing the F-series pickup — a direct descendent of the Model TT.

The F-Series

As America’s best-selling pickup truck for 40 years, Henry Ford knew how to read the minds of his consumers. He could listen to the complaints and needs of truck owners and develop product innovations so perfect they exceeded customer expectations and resulted in the F-Series pickups, also known as the best-selling vehicles for the last 35 years.

Ford released the Ford F100 shortly after the arrival of the sixth generation F-Series in 1975, which was later replaced with the higher-capacity Ford F150 pickup.

Super Duty

After 26 million trucks later, Ford has only continued to progress. Expanding the F-Series lineup in 1998 only raised the standard of trucks once again. The introduction of the F-Series Super Duty was engineered for heavy-duty work and quickly became the base of commercial applications.

Thanks to the continuous innovation of Henry Ford, Americans can continue to love their Fords. Whether you’re driving a Ford F150 or a Ford compact car, you should be proud to be driving a Ford.


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