Ford and Pizza

The future is here, and we aren’t talking about holographic images and time travel. Ford and Domino’s Pizza are teaming up to test self-driving cars. We wish it were happening in Salt Lake City, but the cars will be tested in the Great Lakes State.

Ford Fusion

The car that will be used for the project is the Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion is typically the perfect mix of power and efficiency. It comes with a choice of EcoBoost engines. The V6 Sport comes with a 2.7L EcoBoost engine.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid gets an estimated MPG rating of 41 highway and 43 city — the hybrid version allows you to choose electric, gas or a combination of the two.

Changes for the Delivery Car 

The Ford Fusions that will be used for the project will have a couple changes made to them to accommodate for delivering pizza.  A  compartment will be installed that will be heated by the passenger side rear window. There will be a tablet where the customer will type in a numerical code to get their pizza.


There are many different parts to testing the driverless cars. While testing, there will be humans in the car. The humans will be collecting data on the road and about the delivery process.

Domino’s is most interested in how the customers react to a driverless car delivering their pizza. Customers will be randomly selected and must agree to be a part of the project before the delivery; they will track the customers residence via GPS. Instead of the pizza getting delivered to the door, the Ford Fusion will park outside in driveways or on the road.

The future of technology is here. Next time you are in the Great Lakes State, look for driverless pizza delivering cars. Hopefully we will see the driverless cars soon across all the United States.



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