Focus: First Thoughts

If I were to invent one of those annoying acronyms that only tweens and extremely desperate marketers use to explain my experience with the Ford Focus, it would be (prepare to be blown away by pure wit) HGM: Holy Gas Mileage!

Now let’s all pray that doesn’t start showing up in text message from your favorite Belieber. It does, however, explain exactly what goes on in the new Focus. Mine, a 2.oL Titanium sedan, was averaging well over 30 mpg from the second I started driving. This was fine, and somewhat expected since I was driving on the freeway; but what really amazed me was the consistency of this excellent gas mileage as the my driving patterns changed. At one point I was in tight traffic with lots of stop-and-go, a seemingly unending amount of traffic, and frequent red lights and turnarounds. During all of this ridiculousness, my average MPG never, not once, dropped below 30. Amazing.

And another first observation: I know I harp endlessly on this one, but I don’t think I’ll ever really get over it. The fit and finish of these things if phenomenal. I’ve never in my life, or at least in my recent recollection, felt so wrapped up in an interior as I do with these new Fords. The leather is soft, the seats are firm, and the glossy black finish on the center console oozes high-tech. It’s that cool.

Needless to say, while this may not be a race car, I’m definitely excited about what’s about to happen. I just better stay (wait for it) Focused.

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