F150 Owners Love Their Trucks and You Will Too

J.D. Power and Associates has recently conducted the annual Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout study for 2014. The results are in and those who own a Ford rank among the happiest truck owners on the roads today. The survey ranked how well consumers liked their pickup trucks in 77 different areas. The F150 ranked number one in the Light-Duty Pickup category, but there’s nothing light-duty about it.

Henry Day Ford has the perfect F150 waiting on the lot today. These trucks can handle whatever is thrown their way. The crazy weather in Utah won’t slow these trucks down, nor will taking them off-roading or on a nice trip down the freeway. When it comes to an F150, there’s nothing light-duty about its capabilities and dependability. No wonder thousands of people trust these trucks to be there when the going gets tough and the job needs to get done.

It’s time to head on down to Henry Day Ford and find out for yourself why Ford owners are the happiest. With so much to do and so much to see, it’s no surprise that Ford owners are seen all throughout Utah and rank among the happiest car owners. There is just too much to love about these trucks.

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